Top Seo Trends Set To Prevail In 2015}

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SEO in 2015 will look nothing like the SEO initiatives from the years gone by. The coming year is poised to see a variety of changes in how SEO campaigns are executed and a change in many bet practices. Here are some of the top SEO trends that are all set to prevail in the year 2015.

More Sites Will Focus ON Mobile SEO and User Intent

In the year gone by, mobile usability was high on the list of Googles objectives and priorities. When you searched for something on Google, you saw mobile friendly icons sitting there. Even Google Webmaster accounts added a mobile usability section which allowed users to check how their site was performing on mobile devices. Then there is the fact that sites which generate errors for users logging onto them from mobile devices are being penalized by Google for more than a year now. To avoid imminent SEO failure, many sites will jump on mobile optimization bandwagon. There are also been a shift towards long-tail keyword searches, especially in the difference in how mobile users consume data as compared to desktop users, such as using voice commands, or accessing data on the go. If brands and businesses ignore this skew in user intent focused SEO initiatives, they are setting themselves up for disaster.


Google Will Stress More On Social Signals From Facebook & Twitte

Since the last few years, social media and SEO experts stressed on the importance of brands being present on Google+, especially on Google Authorship, which was started with the intention of improving contents click-through rate in search engine results pages as well as achieving high search rankings. In August 2014 however, Googles Authorship program came to a halt as it supposedly wasnt as useful as they had hoped it would be. Due to this, businesses may start to ignore efforts on Google+ and instead focus more on social signals from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. While there have been many debates as to whether Googles algorithm already makes uses of social signals or not, this year will see significant proof to support this belied.

Building Relationships Will Take Precedence Over Technical Strategies For Search Rankings

There is an innumerable amount of content that is created and published on the web every single minute of every single day. However, businesses today are coming to realize that it simply isn’t enough to create content and optimize its technical components. This does nothing to achieve their long-term goals. Instead, the strategy that brands and businesses will begin to adopt in 2015 will be to humanize themselves. This will ensure that they stand out from their peers who havent made this realization as yet. Isolated webmasters who stress on technical compliance cannot achieve high rankings anymore. To see SEO success, strategies that focus on building relationships must trump over those that stress on the technical aspect of SEO. These strategies could be on the lines of reaching out to influencers on Twitter, blogger outreach programs, creating relationships with brand advocates, increasing engagement on social media etc.

SEO To Integrate With All Aspects Of Marketing

In order to be successful, this year will see social media, SEO and content marketing joining forces to work towards a common goal. SEO will need to bridge the gap and integrate itself into all aspect of marketing, offline as well as online.

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