What To Look For In A Personal Assistant

By David Ledoux

When starting a business and you need help, what do you look for in a personal assistant? Well, there are many things that you will want to consider when hiring or considering someone for a PA. The main difference in a personal assistant and a normal 9-5 position is they are a jack of all trades when it comes to the business. When it comes down to it, they are able to work all factions of a business to keep it flowing and optimize performance and yet still allow you, the business owner, to have more time to do the things that really need done.

A personal assistant will need to have a flexible schedule for the performance that might be required. Your assistant might need to work on weekends, nights, or even attend social activities. So keep in mind when you hire someone that this will be a requirement.

Someone who is rigid and doesn’t adapt well is not a good choice because of the demands of the job. Keeping a positive outlook and easy-going is the best choice for a personal assistant. Multi-tasking is a very important part of a personal assistant and so someone who is able to keep cheery and able to do the things that need done all at once.


Learning also comes into play with a PA. You don’t want someone who is not able in the field of office workings, this includes any programs that might be needed on a computer, or knowledge of procedures to use. With this, you will also want someone who learns quickly. If someone is not knowledge in these areas, it can be a detriment to your company or you may become dissatisfied.

Work history can also be important. If someone was not on time or had a lot of off days in a previous job that can also happen to you. So making sure that someone is dependable is of vital importance. Judgment while you are not around is another concern that falls within this area. Does your personal assistant have good judgment? Or do you need to hover over them all day, making sure they are doing what you hired them to do?

Leadership and self confidence are areas you will want to consider. If your PA can function and instruct others to do what is needed on the job then you can feel confident that if something comes up when you are out on a business trip, you can count on them to get the job done and deal with any dissatisfactions or problems that come along.

Probably the main factor a personal assistant considers and will expect from you, though, is going to be a fair pay. If you expect someone to be around you all day and have the fortitude to get the job done no matter what, you would want to pay them for this. After all, they are more then just an employee, they are the backbone that is making sure your business thrives. With this in mind, you should pay them as much as you can while still staying in budget.

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