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There is nothing easy about the life of a fashion designer. As with any “luxury” career, such as one in the world of sports or music, or haute cuisine, very few actually have what it takes to succeed and make a name for themselves.

For each successful fashion designer that makes it in the highly competitive world of fashion design such as Armani, Lauren or Herrera, there are literally hundreds of thousands that don’t make the grade. However, the good news is that there are many other avenues in the fashion design world open for those who have a talent to lend and a desire to work hard.

Most people who are serious about the area of fashion design show an aptitude and leaning towards fashion early in life. They have an eye for fashion. They have sewn a few garments and counseled their friends on fashion. Some may not be able to actually design fashion, but they can put together a look and have an ability to see the newest hottest fashions coming down the pike.


For those serious about a career in fashion attending a fashion design school is a must. Fashion design is definitely a career where you start from the bottom and work up to the top.

Fashion design schools round out and can clarify for a student their particular area of fashion expertise. Most high paying jobs in the fashion world such as fashion merchandiser or fashion coordinator require education and experience. A year BA degree from an accredited fashion school is the first requirement. To work in fashion merchandising or marketing some require along with the BA in fashion a Masters in Business Administration or MBA.

There are many fine fashion design schools to choose from. Some of the most revered fashion design schools are Wood-Tobe-Coburn School of Fashion Design in New York City and the International Academy of Design and Technology located in Montreal, Quebec.

Once you have obtained the required fashion design education the real work starts. This is obtaining the necessary experience, which will require perseverance and hard work.

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