Facelift Combining Procedures

Facelift-Combining Procedures


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Typically, a facelift or rhytidectomy involves the removal of excess skin and fat in the face. However, there are many other options for a face lift that patients can consider, based on desired results and budget. First, patients can choose between a mini, mid, or full facelift. A mini face lift typically is not a surgical procedure. Instead, this minimally invasive procedure uses laser technology, Botox, or other non-surgical technique to create a more youthful face.

A mid face lift is a surgical procedure. However, it concentrates on sagging cheeks and the midsection of the face. Unlike the traditional procedure, a mid facelift does not require making an incision along the hairline in order to lift these smaller areas. Additionally, there are different techniques and surgical tools that can be used, depending on what the patient prefers.


For instance, an endoscopic camera can be used for a facelift to reduce scarring and focus on specific areas of the face. An endoscopic surgery can also be performed as an outpatient procedure, which minimal scarring. This technique is usually less expensive because it does not require general anesthesia or a hospital stay. However, an endoscopic rhytidectomy cannot treat major sagging and wrinkles, which will need to be treated with a traditional surgery.

A traditional rhytidectomy is an invasive procedure that many patients have chosen to combine with other surgical procedures. For instance, a necklift is typical with a face lift. A nec lift is a procedure that can tighten the neck and chin areas by removing the excess skin and fat. This is best combined with a rhytidectomy because it can add definition and reduce wrinkes in the neck, which produces better overall results. A browlift is a similar procedure that is intended to improve the signs of aging from the forehead. Each of these procedures is more invasive, which is why most patients will choose to combine them into one surgery.

It is not uncommon to combine a face lift with a necklift, browlift, or eyelid surgery. Consult your doctor if you have an idea of what you would like for your cosmetic surgery.

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