Helping Your Teen Have A Positive Orthodontics Experience}

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Helping Your Teen Have a Positive Orthodontics Experience


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Very few teens will admit to enjoying their time at the orthodontist. Usually these visits involve a lot of discomfort and frustration. If you have a teen who will soon be joining the ranks of orthodontic clients, then there are some things that you can do to help them have a good experience. Sites likewww.drgoodreau.comcan also offer some good ideas.

Remind them of the Reasons

Most teens comply with the idea of getting braces and other orthodontic care because they are eager to get their happy, shining smile back. Many teens feel a lot of embarrassment about their crooked smiles. If you have a teen who has been upset with the pain and the unflattering look of the braces, then work to remind them of why they’re is doing this.

Record the Progress

It can be hard to continue going to appointments when it doesn’t feel like there has been much progress. The whole idea behind braces is to make gradual changes so as to avoid the use of surgery and other more intense procedures. Taking a picture before and after every appointment can help to show your teen just how much change has occurred.

Make a Fun Tradition of the Visits

While you may not be able to do much about taking the pain out of the process, you can help your teen to feel excited about the appointments by creating some fun traditions. Take them shopping after each visit, head out for ice cream, allow a sleep-over, or something of that nature. Creating these kinds of memories will help your teen to feel happier about these appointments.

Ask Your Child What She Needs

Sites likewww.drgoodreau.comcan offer some other good ideas, but in the end, one of the best ways to improve the experience is to ask your child what they really want from the experience. You may just be surprised at how easy it will be to help them.

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Helping Your Teen Have a Positive Orthodontics Experience }