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Property for sale in Limassol, Cyprus is not designed for those who seek peace and quiet. With a local population of 135,000, and a large number of tourists planning to buy homes in Cyprus, Limassol is a constant hub of activity. In fact, it is Cyprus second largest resort area, making it a good area in which to buy or sell Cyprus property. Today, Limassol is known for its hedonism, though it does come in second to Ayia Napa in this regard. Over the past few years a noticeable increase in the number of people moving to Limassol from Eastern Europe has been evident.

Few seem to remember Limassol s rich and cultured past. Richard the Lionheart came to Limassol to marry his stranded fianc . Berengaria had been shipwrecked on the island of Cyprus, and King Isaac had refused to give her safe-harbour. Angered by her treatment, Richard stormed the castle, disgracing and deposing the king. He then took Berengaria inside, and married her there. From that point on the castle in Limassol has been widely known by the name Berengaria. Property for sale in Limassol, Cyprus, with view of the beautiful castle, makes for a nice property investment. Property for sale in Limassol can also provide a convenient and scenic home for living in Cyprus full-time.

Limassol lies on the southern coast of Cyprus, and is Cyprus s chief industrial town. Limassol is a town intended largely for business people, native Cypriots, educators, and students. The town is home to Cyprus University of Technology, leading the Middle East and Europe in research and development. People who either attend or teach at the university are looking for property for sale in Limassol when choosing to buy homes in Cyprus.


Of course, no region of Cyprus is without tourism. Limassol s tourists gather largely in its Yermasogea district. Yermasogea is a bustling area, lights flashing, and music beating all night long; it s a holiday dream for some, but is certainly not for everyone. Whether you choose to buy or sell Cyprus property for sale in Limassol, you must have a good idea as to your location.

The part of town called Old City is a beautiful community of shops, and well as workshops, of many skilled craftsmen. Because Limassol gears itself toward locals, rather than tourists, it has required much less effort for Cypriots to maintain their native culture. Food prepared in Limassol is very traditional, and very good. If this is the lifestyle you seek, property for sale in Limassol may be the perfect fit.

Cyprus sporting consists mainly of tennis and diving. The area is also known for its annual carnivals and fairs, one street carnival six weeks prior to Easter, and a beer and wine festival in the fall. And, tourists and locals alike appreciate Limassol s high end shopping.

Property for sale in Limassol is just a short distance from a large number of Cyprus most breathtaking and serene beaches. When looking to buy homes in Cyprus, have an estate agent show you the property for sale in Limassol.

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